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Dedicated to the purpose of engaging more people in a time-tested, natural way of healing and wellness, Green Army brings to you the new Winter 2017 Green Army Cannabis Infused Cosmetic Line to aid in the marijuana skincare revolution.

How it Works

Effects can be felt within 10-30 minutes and can last up to 3 hours. Use the lip balm to relax and add sheen to your natural beauty. Or, add over your existing lipstick to bring out richer colors. Use our salves to alleviate pain making your day to day easier to manage. Our unique extracting method allows us to achieve a cannabinoid content level that effectively relieves your pain, while producing a micro-dosing effect that gives you a subtle clear highness. Either way you choose it's a delightful Green Army experience!

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Green Army Cosmetics

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Cannabis Infused Cosmetics

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Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so why not treat it with the best that nature has to offer? Not only do Green Army products provide you with the best in moisturization and UV protection, it also provides tantalizing sensations to help improve your sense of self and your overall outlook on life.

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